Where to Go in Bulgaria with a Child

Where to Go in Bulgaria with a Child

Traveling abroad with a child is a very difficult pleasure, because you should take care of many things in advance, which you would most likely refuse without a little companion. Bulgaria is a very friendly and calm country. There are many positive features that will make your stay interesting and quiet.

Where to go in Bulgaria with a small child

With children under five years old, you should always be especially attentive and reverent. In addition, long journeys and a change in the continental climate to a hot southern one are contraindicated for babies.

What to do, really give up the idea to spend an interesting vacation with the whole family? No need to be discouraged! Resorts in Bulgaria are perfectly adapted to receive even the smallest guests.

One of the most popular places to travel to Bulgaria with children is as convenient and exciting as organizing a seaside resort at home, we can safely call the small town of Obzor.

Here is the perfect combination of fresh sea air, greenery of the forest and calming silence, which, if desired, can be diluted with amusing performances of the local theater for children.

Where to go to Bulgaria with a child of 5 years

For active brave children, it will be interesting to visit the beautiful seaside resort of Albena. According to Topschoolsintheusa, this place is endless fun and entertainment for every taste and age.

Even adults can afford childish pranks and feel a little younger. In addition, nature itself has created an amazing atmosphere of a fabulous holiday. The local sea is shallow and warm, so parents do not have to worry about their treasure.

If you still can’t decide where to go to Bulgaria with a child, reviews of the magnificent Mediterranean resort for the whole family St. Constantine and Elena will certainly convince you to go in search of real adventures near the capital of Bulgaria.

Luxurious expensive hotels, water parks and attractions, scuba diving, a dolphinarium and a zoo – this is not a complete list of what a child can do here.

Also, do not forget that for a child of any age, the attention of parents and their care is important. Give your son or daughter a piece of a fairy tale by going on vacation to one of the wonderful modern resorts in Bulgaria.

Thanks to the active influence of German and English investors, any hotel will gladly provide a full range of services, and you will be able to appreciate the comfort and reliability of a local holiday.

Flying with a baby: how to plan the right way

The thought of flying with a child, for example, on vacation at sea in winter, horrifies parents. Question: “At what age and can children fly on an airplane?” worries most moms and dads who have not previously traveled with children by plane.

To give a correct answer, let’s look at situations that may arise on board an aircraft.

Children on the plane: what you need to know

Traveling with children on an airplane begins with planning a trip, taking into account the daily routine of the child. Mark for yourself the time of rest, wakefulness, feeding, try to choose a flight that will coincide with the night or daytime sleep of a small passenger.

At what age children can fly on an airplane depends on the determination of moms and dads. Most airlines allow a newborn to fly after the first week of his birth, but the opinions of experienced travelers vary. Many believe that the ideal age is up to one year, when the baby does not walk yet, sleeps a lot and nothing interferes with him. Parents who have bad experience flying with babies are convinced that air travel with a one-month-old baby is unacceptable and it is better to postpone the trip until the child is three years old. But from a medical point of view, there is no reason to ban such travel.

The first problem that children face when flying is earache. Adults endure it easily, but for children there are several useful life hacks to help cope with these difficulties. Swallowing, sucking lollipops, yawning will help get rid of pain. Show on your example how to perform these simple manipulations.

When flying with an infant, a sure way to calm him down is to breastfeed or bottle feed him formula.

The flight can last quite a long time, so think about what to do with the baby. Offer entertainment, games. Take out the new toys prepared in advance from the bag, delay the moment by showing gifts only when the children clearly lose interest in the old ones.

Toys must be age appropriate. Older children are recommended to take constructors, games that require attention for a long time. Little ones can not spend money, but use an effective hint – take a ring or a rope, string a lot of bright objects there, for example, large beads, key chains, rattles or other bright, interesting details.

Find every opportunity to walk around with your child and explore unfamiliar spaces. A change of scenery for children from two years old will only benefit.

For adults, whatever the situation, it is important to be balanced, not to scream, to keep calm, as their mood will be reflected in the behavior of little travelers.

What to take a child on a plane from food?

When preparing for a trip, ask if the airline provides a children’s menu and what is included in it. If there is no such option, then prepare the usual foods and drinks in advance.

List of recommended products:

  • Fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts, cookies.
  • Baby food, milk formula.
  • Dairy products.

If necessary, ask the flight attendant to warm up baby food.

At what age can a child fly alone

The rules of air transportation and the legislation of the country determine up to what age children fly free of charge and when a child can travel unaccompanied by their parents. These documents establish age limits and methods of flight for minor children.

Independent travel is allowed from the age of 14 (domestic) and from 16 (abroad). But written parental consent is required. Airlines have the right to revise these requirements at their discretion.

Let’s give an example.

So, in Ukraine, MAY allows unaccompanied minors to fly from the age of 16, and Lufthansa – from 12.

The law of the Russian Federation does not prohibit independent flights for children who have reached the age of twelve. This applies to companies such as AirBaltic, AirMalta, Lufthansa, while Aeroflot, Czech and Ural Airlines allow flights for passengers who are thirteen years old, and KLM – 15.

There are general requirements for selling tickets for children and determining their price component:

  • INF – up to two years.
  • CHD – from 2 to 14 years.

In the first case, a separate place is not provided. The flight will be free, but with a zero ticket issuance. There are carriers that take 10% of the total ticket price.

In the second case, a travel document is issued with a 50% -70% discount (at the discretion of the airline).

How to fly with a baby on an airplane

Can babies fly on an airplane, is it safe, what can a flight with a baby turn into? There are no proven contraindications to such a trip. The main thing is to take into account the individual preferences of the baby, listen to the recommendations of the family doctor, parents with experience in flying with children. Above all, think positively.

If the baby was born on time, without complications and pathologies (which is confirmed by the pediatrician’s certificate), then you can go on the first trip on the eighth day after he was born. If the baby is absolutely healthy and develops according to age, then he will calmly adapt and endure the flight well.

Difficulties arise during takeoff and landing. Tinnitus is easily avoided by rinsing the nose, breastfeeding or giving a pacifier beforehand.

To avoid moisture loss, dress your baby in loose clothing and give more fluids.

Flying with a child under one year old is different from flying with a one-year-old child. With the latter it is more difficult, because during this period children learn about the world, are surprised at everything new, are active, run. And that means they need more attention.

What else to take a child on a plane

This or that airline dictates its own conditions for the carriage of baggage and hand luggage. When going on a trip with children by plane, a folding stroller, a child car seat, food for children in special containers are allowed on board.

We recommend taking with you:

  • 3-4 diapers.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Baby food and utensils.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Folding pot.
  • Warm jacket and hat.
  • 1-2 empty bags for soiled clothes.
  • Favorite and new toys.

We will separate the pharmacy separately. It includes: a thermometer, antipyretics, absorbents, nasal drops with sea water and ear, sedatives, motion sickness medicines. We have indicated the basic package for a successful flight with a child. What else to add to this list, each mother can decide at her discretion, taking into account the age, preferences and state of health of the child.


To make flying with children easy, prepare in advance, make a list of the necessary things, consult a pediatrician, check with the chosen company the requirements for baggage, hand luggage and the necessary set of documents.

If you have had an experience of flying with children, be it positive or negative, please share your comments. Perhaps your observations will save other mothers from many problems during the flight.

Where to Go in Bulgaria with a Child

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