What to See in Turkey

What to See in Turkey

This is where there is every opportunity to roam the tastes of the most demanding vacationers. Amazing nature, sea and sun, many architectural monuments of ancient peoples and civilizations. This and not only awaits you in Turkey.

Excursions in Turkey

Some go to Turkey for the amazing sun and gentle sea, and someone cannot imagine a vacation without a rich excursion program.

If you belong to the second type of vacationers, without thinking for a long time, book excursions in your homeland from your tour operator. So, your travel agent will give you advice on what is best to see, and you can plan your itineraries during your holiday in advance.

In case you are not exactly sure what you want to watch, don’t worry. After all, upon arrival in Turkey, you can buy any excursion from local travel agents, and most importantly – cheaper. However, if you do not often travel abroad, or are not sure about the reliability of a local travel agent, the best option is still to purchase an excursion from your tour operator.

For couples who will be traveling with young children, it would be right to limit sightseeing of Turkey’s historical sights as much as possible. For the time being, unfortunately, your kids will not be interested in long hikes, albeit in charming places.

You ask: “In this case, what to see in Turkey with children?” Do not worry. Turkey will be interesting for both adults and children. Let’s figure out together what each resort in Turkey has prepared for your unforgettable vacation.

What to see in Turkey – charming Antalya

Antalya, and the resort of the same name, will delight you and your children with Dedeman and Aqualand water parks. In the latter, by the way, there is a dolphinarium, where the whole family can enjoy the show of dolphins and fur seals.

According to Top-medical-schools, the Oceanarium, the second largest in the world, was recently opened in Antalya.

The Toy Museum will impress both kids and adults. Here are collected toys from different parts of the world from the 19th century to the most modern models.

A stunning monument of ancient Roman architecture in Antalya is Hadrian’s Gate.

Erected during the time of Emperor Hadrian, they met not only merchants passing under them on carts, but also witnessed the meetings of eminent gentlemen and rulers of the city.

Be sure to visit the Kaleici area, where every millimeter is saturated with the history and culture of Turkey. There are many churches, mosques, ruins of ancient buildings.

What to see in Turkey – evergreen Kemer

In Kemer you will see how the mountains and the sea live with a single purpose. Make your vacation among coniferous forests, tangerine, lemon trees, thousands of flowers unforgettable.

For couples with children, it is worth visiting the Dinosaur Park. And to admire the beauty of the local nature from a bird’s eye view, “walk” on the cable car to Mount Tahtali – the highest point in southern Turkey.

You can see the amazing buildings of ancient times in the cities of Phaselis and Olympos. And to learn a lot of interesting things about the life of peoples and civilizations, having settled in Turkey in ancient times, you can visit the Yoruk ethnographic park.

What to see in Turkey – romantic Alanya

The resort of Alanya boasts a number of caves, among which is the truly “healing” Damlatas cave. Here, a unique microclimate allows treating people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Alanya fortress (or Ich-Kale fortress), built in Byzantine times, today is a kind of museum. The ruins of churches, ancient buildings, the Red Tower will take you to the distant past.

What to see in Turkey – Side resort

The city was founded during the reign of the Romans and was the largest port in the Mediterranean. You will be told about the period of the Great Roman Empire by the city walls, the Nymphaeum fountain, aqueducts, the Agora – the ancient city square. Although the latter received a name characteristic of the Greek tradition – to name the central square of the city, where lively trade was conducted.

Side, in addition to historical and cultural heritage, will delight you with the sun, gentle sea and golden sand.

What to see in Turkey with children

Turkey can be a real find for those who want to spend an exciting family vacation. There is everything your heart desires and, moreover, the prices do not bite.

Many hotels have a varied children’s menu, and cheerful animators of children’s clubs will not let your kids get bored and parents will be able to give themselves a couple of hours of time.

If you are traveling with small children, it is better not to tire them with long journeys from the airport to the hotel. From Antalya Airport, just half an hour by bus, you can stay in one of the comfortable hotels in the Kemer resort. What is not unimportant, the nature and climate here are ideal: a lot of greenery and the absence of strong gusty winds.

A visit to Dinopark, Dolphinarium or Moonlight Park will be an interesting adventure for your child.

In addition, you can go to Antalya and visit the local water park or dolphinarium with children.

Trips to the popular excursions Demre-Mira-Kekova or Pamukkale for a child can be exhausting, as they require about 7-8 hours of bus travel.

In any case, no matter which resort in Turkey you choose, you will always have something to see with your children. Many national parks, ancient caves and fortresses will be an interesting pastime for you and your children.

What to See in Turkey

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