Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University

The Vanderbilt University (also known as VU according to, located in Nashville (Tennessee) is a university in the United States. Approximately 11,500 students are enrolled in it. It was founded in 1873 by Cornelius Vanderbilt, a businessman and railroad pioneer. The University is one of the best universities in the United States.

University history

A million dollars donated by Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1873 served to shape this university we can find in the heart of South America. Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, was born with the idea of ​​“strengthening ties”, something that has marked many of its performances over time.

Bishop Holland N. McTyeire, whose convalescence at the Vanderbilt mansion almost coincided in time with the donation, was responsible for choosing the site to establish the university. He himself was in charge of planting some of the trees that today populate the campus.

During its first 40 years of activity, Vanderbilt remained tied to the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church, although relations hardened in the early 1900s. Since its inception, the institution combined professional education with the teaching of Arts and Sciences programs.

Meanwhile, the academic success of the university was remarkable. In just 25 years, it managed to double the number of students enrolled. From 307 students in the fall of 1875, it rose to 754 in 1900. During the following decades Vanderbilt showed the same capacity to increase its number of students: in 1950 there were already 3,529; while in 1999 they exceeded 10,000.

With the start of the 21st century, Vanderbilt launched a restructuring of its sports program, began construction of new infrastructure, and increased its funding for academic research.

Today, Vanderbilt is not only a private referral center, but also a very active development agent in Tennessee. With more than 3,000 professors and a total of 23,000 people working at the university, it is the second largest private employer in the entire state of Tennessee.


Vanderbilt offers a wide catalog of university degrees in engineering, art, science, music, education and human development, as well as graduate programs, both masters and doctorates.

By area or subject

  • Architectureand Construction
  • Creative Art and Design
  • Pure and Applied Sciences
  • Social and Communication Sciences
  • Computingand Information Technologies
  • Right
  • Education and formation
  • Humanities
  • engineering
  • MBA
  • Bussines and administration
  • Health and Medicine

Diplomas details

  • Offers Doctorate and First Professional Certificate
  • Offers Masters
  • Offers Bachelor’s or Certificate
  • Academic programs
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Distance Learning
  • Academic and Professional Orientation
  • Student Employment Services
  • Placement Services for Graduates
  • To study abroad


The Office of Education and Residential Housing offers a safe, comfortable, accessible and healthy accommodation service for its residents. These communities seek to foster learning, personal development, academic formation, and successful transitions for new students and graduates.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University Athletic Program

  • Member of NAA (National Athletic Association)
  • NCAA Member
  • Member of NCAA / NAIA Baseball
  • NCAA / NAIA Basketball Member
  • Member of NCAA / NAIA Athletics
  • Member of NCAA / NAIA American Football

Seal of excellence

Vanderbilt University is ranked 50th in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (AMRU). The ranking is updated annually. AMRU uses six objective indicators to rank world universities, including the number of students and professors who have won Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, the number of highly cited researchers selected by Thomson Scientific, the number of articles published in Nature and Science journals, the number of number of articles indexed in Science Citation Index – Extension and Social Sciences Citation Index, and by performance per capita with respect to the size of an institution. Over 1000 universities are actually rated by AMRU each year and the top 500 are published in theweb.

Vanderbilt is ranked 70th in the ranking of best universities in the United States according to the Times Higher Education (THE). This ranking is based on 13 performance indicators designed to cover university activities, these elements are grouped into five categories: Teaching (the learning environment), Research (volume, income and reputation), Citations (influence of research), Industry income (innovation), Staff and students.

Despite the setback, Lough’s original vision was finally realized and the first successful crossing of the SS Ryndam occurs on September 18, 1926, departing from Hoboken, New Jersey, with a capacity of 504 students and teachers and 63 administrative people.

Lough sailed the voyage as dean alongside Raises. At that time, the program was not only sponsored by a single school, which motivated the interest of other colleges and universities to participate in the project.

The students, representing 143 colleges, traveled from 40 states, as well as Canada, Cuba and Hawaii. Over seven and a half months, the ship covered 41,000 miles, visited 35 countries and more than 90 cities, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Colombo, Bombay, Haifa, Venice, Gibraltar, Lisbon, and Oslo.

Although the voyage was a great success, the concept of onboard education was not fulfilled until the 1960s when it resurfaced as the University of the Seven Seas, a term used by a visionary California businessman named Bill Hughes. In February 1963, a contract was signed with the shipping company, Holland America, which had provided the SS Ryndam, and preparations began to create the University on board the MS Seven Seas.

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