US 67 in Illinois

US 67 in Illinois


US 67
Get started Alton
End Rock Island
Length 214 mi
Length 344 km











Rock Island


According to transporthint, US 67 is a US Highway in the US state of Illinois. The road forms a north-south route through the west of the state, from the Missouri border at Alton, through the more sparsely populated west to the Quad Cities region near the town of Rock Island. The route is 344 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 67 at Monmouth.

Near the town of Alton, US 67 in Missouri crosses the Mississippi River from St. Louis and enters the state of Illinois. The road then climbs a short distance about 60 meters up from the da, and then enters an area with some shallow and wooded valleys of tributaries, with flat meadows in between. The single-lane road then heads north through Jerseyville and begins a 100-mile route to Jacksonville. From Manchester the road has 2×2 lanes until it connects with Interstate 72about 25 miles north. US 67 then forms a 2×2 lane western bypass of Jacksonville and then proceeds one lane in each direction to Beardstown, where the road crosses the Illinois River, one of the larger tributaries of the Mississippi River that flows from Chicago and Peoria. After Beardstown follows an area of ​​shallow river valleys with some forest. The area in between is flat and the differences in height are barely 10 meters. In Rushville follows the intersection with US 24. About 40 kilometers north at Macomb you cross the US 136.

From Macomb, the road has 2×2 lanes and continues via Roseville to Monmouth, where it connects with US 34. North of Monmouth, the road returns to a single lane and then continues for about 40 miles to the Quad Cities conurbation, a grouping of 4 equally sized cities around the Rock and Mississippi Rivers. US 67 then connects with Interstate 280, the western bypass of the area, and the road then crosses the Rock River and enters the town of Rock Island. The road then crosses the Mississippi Rover to Davenport, Iowa. The river forms the boundary, and US 67 is one of five river crossings in the metropolitan area. US 67 in Iowathen continue along the Mississippi Rover towards Dubuque.


Funding was released in 1918 for a network of state routes in Illinois and then IL-3 (State Route 3) was created from Cairo in the far south of the state to Morrison in northwestern Illinois via Rock Island. When bridges were opened over the Mississippi, US 67 replaced SR-3 between St. Louis and Rock Island. The northern end of US 67 was previously in Missouri due to the limited number of bridges over the Mississippi. In 1932, the extension to Rock Island was completed. Although the bridge at Alton was opened in 1928, US 67 crossed the Mississippi a little more south, via a bridge at St. Louis. In the mid-1940s the route was replaced between St. Louis and Alton, namely via the Missouri side of the river.

In the mid-1950s, US 67 was given a more direct route between Alton and Jacksonville via what is now SR-267 and SR-111. In 1968 US 67 was given a more westerly route between Jacksonville and Beardstown. In 1994, US 67 got a new bridge at Alton that replaced the old bridge built in 1928. At the moment it is again being considered to have the US 67 between Alton and Jacksonville run again over the SR-267, because that route is somewhat shorter.

In 2013, State Route 255 was constructed as a bypass of Alton, as an extension of this, 8 kilometers from US 67 to Delhi was also widened to 2×2 lanes. The next phase was the Delhi 2×2 lane diversion which opened on December 22, 2021.

Traffic intensities

US 67 has relatively little through importance and is not busy either. Between Alton and Jacksonville the road counts about 5,000 vehicles per day, further north the road is quieter with 1,500 vehicles. 2,900 vehicles drive to Macomb, followed by about 4,500 vehicles on the 2×2 section. Towards Rock Island, that rises to 6,000 vehicles, with 21,000 vehicles crossing the Mississippi River every day.

Bayview Bridge

Bayview Bridge
Spans Mississippi River
Lanes 1×2
Total length 1.374 meter
Main overvoltage 274 meter
Bridge deck height 19 meter
Opening 22-08-1987
Traffic intensity 10,000 mvt/day
Location Map

According to travelationary, the Bayview Bridge is a cable- stayed bridge in the United States, located on the border of the states of Illinois and Missouri at Quincy.


The Bayview Bridge spans the Mississippi River at Quincy in western Illinois and northeast Missouri. It is locally one of two bridge connections across the Mississippi and has one-way traffic, the bridge handles traffic towards Missouri. The bridge has a total length of 1,374 with a main span of 274 meters and side spans of 134 meters. The bridge has two H-shaped pylons standing in the river. The main bridge is mostly on the Illinois side. US 24 runs across the bridge in Illinois for traffic to Missouri. The bridge is toll-free.


The first bridge at this location was the 1928 Quincy Memorial Bridge. It originally handled traffic in both directions. Due to increasing traffic, a second bridge was built in the mid-1980s, the Bayview Bridge, which opened on August 22, 1987. This was one of the first larger cable-stayed bridges in the United States. In 2000, Quincy was relieved of through traffic when the Mark Twain Memorial Bridge from Interstate 72 opened about 15 miles downstream.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 20,000 vehicles cross both bridges, about half of which cross the Bayview Bridge.

Bayview Bridge

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