University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota is also known as UMN according to It is considered one of the US public universities most committed to education and public service, also consolidating itself as one of the best institutions in terms of research, since it has prestigious researchers both at the national level as international.


The University of Minnesota, is based on the idea that all people are enriched with understanding, is dedicated to the promotion of learning and the search for truth, for the exchange of this knowledge through education for a diverse community, and for the application of this knowledge to benefit the people of the state, the nation and the world.

In it Research and Discovery is used to generate and preserve knowledge, understanding, and creativity by conducting high-quality research, scholarship, and artistic activity that benefit students, academics, and communities.

The teaching and learning of sharing that knowledge, understanding and creativity, providing a wide range of educational programs in a community of students and teachers, to prepare graduates, professionals and university students, as well as students who are interested in the pursuit of education. continuous and lifelong learning, for active roles in a multiracial and multicultural world.

Extension and public service, with the objective of applying and exchanging knowledge between the University and society by applying academic knowledge to community problems, helping organizations and individuals in their changing environments, and by making the knowledge and resources created and preserved in the University within the reach of the citizens of the state, the nation and the world.

In all its activities, the University strives to maintain an open exchange of ideas in an environment that embodies the values ​​of academic freedom, responsibility, integrity, and cooperation; that provides an environment of mutual respect, free from racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice and intolerance; that helps people, institutions and communities in responding to a world in constant change, is aware and sensitive to the needs of the many communities that it has committed to serve; that creates and supports alliances within the University, with other educational systems and institutions, and with communities to achieve common goals, that inspires, sets high expectations for the people within its community.

University of Minnesota


It is located on two campuses in the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Both campuses are communicated through a special bus system.

The abbreviation U of M is widely used in various official and colloquial ways. (Many other universities use this designation, at least one of them officially) Locals also refer to it commonly as The U.

“umn” is used only in Internet domain names.

The U of M is very competitive among all universities, as the university rankings show. Several graduate school departments are in the top 20 nationally.


Currently, the university offers programs in almost all areas, from agriculture to modern dance. This university has the following schools and faculties:

  • Carlson School of Management (CSOM)
  • College of Biological Sciences (CBS)
  • Faculty of Continuing Education (CCE)
  • School of Dentistry(DENT)
  • Faculty of Design(CDES)
  • Faculty of Education and Human Development (CEHD)
  • Faculty of Food, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CFANS)
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts (CLA)
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs (HHH)
  • Institute of Technology(IT)
  • Faculty of Law(LAW)
  • Faculty of Medicine(MED)
  • School of Nursing(NURS)
  • Faculty of Pharmacy (PHARM)
  • School of Public Health (SPH)
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)


The University of Minnesota has an important cultural and social agenda in which students, researchers, professors and other faculty can take part.

Exhibitions of different artistic manifestations, collections of various kinds, music, cinema, theater, conferences… these are some of the cultural and artistic activities managed by the university to continue training its students outside the classroom and during all the months that lasts the academic year. Of course, sport plays a very special and important role throughout the university. Through various university departments and clubs, an endless number of sports activities are coordinated and managed that allow the student to forget about exams, assignments, classes and notes during a few hours.


  • Something important for what this university stands out is for providing an excellent library service, in which not only its books, encyclopedias and newspapers are important, but also its online and technological resources, accessible to the entire university community and easily located thanks to its classification according to the different specialties.
  • The University of Minnesota recently announced its goal of becoming one of the top three public research universities in the worldwithin a decade.
  • It has the sixth largestmain campus student population in the United States, with over 51,800 students.
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