Study in California State University, East Bay (9)

Study in California State University, East Bay (9)

Hello dear future East Bay students. I spent half a year at Cal State East Bay in Hayward and definitely had a great time with lots of great experiences and impressions, although it must of course be said that not everything was just positive.
I would do a semester abroad again at any time, especially in beautiful California.


When I arrived I got a bit of a culture shock and wanted to go back to Germany, but that subsided relatively quickly.
It should be noted that Hayward is not the most dangerous area. When we arrived we were spoken to two or three times with our suitcases on the street that women shouldn’t walk around here alone. We noticed relatively quickly that you are lost without a car or that nobody is walking or cycling, which was also the reason why we were warned, because the Americans probably didn’t know any pedestrians ;-).

I decided to live off-campus because I wanted to receive visitors and to enjoy a little privacy. I lived with my girlfriend in a very nice residential complex, about 15 minutes’ walk from the university.
But it can be said that you make a lot more contacts if you decide to live in the I-House, the student dormitory. All the people who lived there did a lot together and were able to improve their English a lot more and had closer contact with the international students.


The huge campus of Cal State East Bay is really beautiful. There is a beautiful, new, large fitness center and there are also some other sports classes outside the fitness center that you can attend. The entire complex is very well maintained and there are also some nice opportunities to have a coffee in the sun or have a bite to eat.


About Hayward it can be said that it is very unspectacular and you can’t experience much. But you can reach San Francisco in about 25 minutes with the BART. The city is overwhelming. I almost want to say that it’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. There is so much to discover and see just by taking a walk. Most of the corners of the city are clean and very well maintained. There are many different parks to spend your time in.┬áRead more on Liuxers.

Furthermore, one can say about the Americans that they are super friendly and helpful. If you walk around with a city map you will be spoken to immediately and help will be offered to you. In restaurants and shops you will always be greeted in a friendly manner and you will be offered help immediately.

UNILEBEN (including course choice)

Regarding the choice of course, it can be said that it is very difficult to get the courses you want because the Americans have priority. (They also pay higher tuition fees than we do) So if you don’t have a partnership with your UNI, you have to be prepared for quite a fight or for a few restless hours. Up until the last day of registration, I only got two out of three courses in the first quarter. In the end, however, everything worked out, even if it wasn’t the desired course. The best thing to do is to discuss with your professors beforehand that it is possible that the courses you have requested cannot be attended and that they should look with you for alternatives.
These are my completed courses (if necessary, I will also be happy to send you the teaching materials)

1) Theories of Management
2) Marketing Research
3) Marketing Seminar
4) Leisure, Self and Society
5) Establishing new Enterprises
6) Supply Chain Management

Regarding the subject matter, it can be said that it is easier than German university life. But that’s not the only reason I like it better. With constant homework, essays or weekly quizzes, you stay on the ball and, in my opinion, you can better keep what you have learned.
The professors are super nice and almost everyone was very relaxed and we international students were always welcome. They even showed us a lot of consideration and gave us two hours for a multiple choice exam, for example, and we were always allowed to use a dictionary.


Prepare yourself for a slightly more expensive time than in Germany. Because my girlfriend and I lived OFF Campus, we had to go shopping ourselves. (If you live in the International House, you can eat in the Dining Commons (cafeteria). The prices for groceries are much higher than the German prices.

I hope I was able to give you a little impression. If you have the chance to do a semester abroad, take the chance. Cal State East Bay is definitely a university that I can recommend.
If you have any questions, MicroEDU is definitely available immediately. When I made contacts, including from the USA, I always had an answer within a very short time.

Enjoy the time:-)

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