San Diego State University Student Review

San Diego State University Student Review


I have taken 3 master’s courses in business administration – so-called special sessions. Special sessions are only among international students and therefore not with Americans (“off campus”). It was compulsory to take at least 2 subjects as special sessions. A course (and other courses at an additional cost) can therefore also be selected “on campus”.

Entrepreneurship [MGT 724 – Mr. Schulte]

Best lecture in my entire course of study . Unfortunately, it is very time-consuming with Mr. Schulte (with the other Prof it is more relaxed and easier), but you learn a lot. You have to work out a business idea in detail. In a group you have to give a 40-minute presentation and hand in a 16-page written report. Each individual also has to write a term paper about a megatrend (length: 10 pages).

Strategic Brand Management [MKTG 772 – Mrs. Ehrich]

As a group, you had to develop a brand and present it for 20 minutes and submit an 8-page written report. In addition, you have to submit 3 case study analyzes and you write 2 to 3 written quizzes.

World Business Environment [MGT 710- Mrs. Zhou]

Disastrous course. Worst female lecturer ever. However, a given A without too much effort, so if you want to enjoy more free time, it makes sense to choose this course.

Attendance is always checked in all courses and oral participation is always part of the grade .


The campus is perfect, super big and very beautiful . There are many options to eat (subway, salad bars, pizza, 2 small supermarkets). There are many sports facilities on campus itself. ARC membership is free for ALI students. There are 3 basketball courts and 1 soccer / volleyball court in the gym (indoor courts), which can be used at any time. There is also a swimming pool. There are also enough places to learn in the BIB.


Housing hunting in San Diego can be a bit sore. According to, the most used is and selected Facebook groups. I found a room in advance in a house with 6 American roommates.

Basically, there are ultimately 2 options: Either you move to Pacific Beach / Mission Beach or the College Area. In everyday life, it is more pleasant to live in the college area because you are close to the campus. You can get to the lectures quickly and don’t have to look for parking spaces. All kinds of sports (including swimming) can be done on campus. One disadvantage is that you always have to rely on an Uber / taxi at night when partying outside the college area.

I can recommend the “BLVD 63” complex as a student residence . Great facility, own fitness studio, lots of parties and you also come into contact with Americans.

Pacific & Mission Beach are right on the beach. If you are not familiar with the area, use Grand Avenue and Garnet Avenue as a guide when looking for an apartment . Garnet Ave is practically the main street with all the bars and restaurants.

Nobody can make the decision for you, it has both advantages and disadvantages and in both cases you hardly do anything wrong .


PB is rather bar-like with smaller dance floors. Loose dress code and sometimes cheaper. There is a lot going on in Duck Dive and Backyard on Taco Tuesday.

Downtown is club-like and there are mostly open-plan discos. Often costs a lot of entry. Dress code is more chic. There are many fraternities house parties in the college area.


Unfortunately, life in the USA is much more expensive, and that affects almost all foods. So plan in a lot of money and it will probably be more than you can imagine. If you have to pay the tuition fees yourself, you can expect between € 15,000 and € 20,000 depending on your lifestyle and travel plans.


I didn’t have a car, but I would recommend that you buy a car (and sell it again in the end). Public transport is really bad and you have to rely on Uber / taxi / a car.

Road trips

There is so much to see in California alone , plan some time before or after the semester to travel . Attractive destinations are, for example, LA , San Fran; Las Vegas; Yosemite National Park; Zion National Park; Grand Canyon; Antelope Canyon; Big sur; Santa Barbara etc.


The semester abroad was a great time . The weather was actually consistently good from the end of July to the end of October. It’s a good experience to be on your own at the other end of the world . San Diego is a great city with many facets and a perfect choice.

The only negative point is that San Diego is teeming with German students. So if you really want to improve your English, there probably are better places. I would estimate the German share of all international students at 60%. So try moving in with Americans, or at least making friends with English-speaking people.

All in all, I can only recommend a stay abroad. Whether in San Diego or elsewhere, it will always be a great experience.

San Diego State University 8

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