Remish, Luxembourg

Remish, Luxembourg

According to wholevehicles, Remish (lu:Réimech) is a small town to the east of Luxembourg City with a population of just over 3,000. The “Pearl of the Moselle”, as it is also called, is located among the vineyards on the banks of the Moselle River, ten kilometers from the borders with Germany and France. This is the land of winemaking, and on the way to Remish in any of the many villages you can taste white wines from the owners’ cellars.

The main feature of Remish is Moselle wines. It is no coincidence that the river itself is called the Great Wine Road.

How to get to Remish

You can easily get to Remish by city bus from Luxembourg (10-12 EUR) or on the highway in half an hour by car (only 40 kilometers). Remisch is well connected to many cities in Germany and Austria, such as Trier, Salzburg and Saarbrücken, so it can be a starting point for short trips.

Prices on the page are for November 2022.

Oteli Remis

Among the hotels in Remish, the Hotel Des Vignes stands out, uniquely located on the Moselle embankment, with a luxurious veranda overlooking the water (rooms from 200 EUR); Domaine La Foret – next to the forest, among fields and vineyards, with fitness and spa services (from 160 EUR); and the luxurious four-star Hotel Saint Nicolas with a jacuzzi, Turkish baths and other joys of life (from 129 EUR).

On the opposite, German, bank of the Moselle River, you can stay at the Drielandereck campsite.

Cuisine and restaurants

Remisch has 15 restaurants for every taste and budget. By all accounts, the best restaurant is Lohengrin, which is located in the Saint Nicolas hotel and pleases with amazing comfort: snow-white tablecloths, silver sets, a stunning view of the river. Be sure to order the freshest fish: pike, perch or trout, as well as Luxembourgish crayfish and local cheese.

Entertainment and attractions Remisch

The gate of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of fishermen Remish, leads to St. Kunibert Street, where this saint, the Archbishop of Cologne and adviser to the king, was born in the 7th century. The main church of the city was built in the 12th century from the stone blocks of an ancient Roman watchtower. Fernand Kons Square is also popular among locals and tourists, where the music pavilion, sculptures and fountains are located.

During the walk, be sure to visit the city park Brill, where it is pleasant to walk around the lake with wild ducks, take part in outdoor games.

But perhaps the best entertainment here will be a cruise on the Moselle River on a luxury boat during the day or at night. On the ship, admiring the scenery, by the way, you can have a great lunch (40 EUR for two). A short excursion on the water can also be made on small “river buses” and motor boats. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can enjoy water skiing and fishing.

In the wine cellars of St. Martin, you can not only wander under the majestic vaults of the galleries carved into the rock, but also taste the wines and local champagne. Wine tasting is included in the price of the entrance ticket (adults 7.50-11.50 EUR). There, in the courtyard, there is a restaurant serving traditional Luxembourgish cuisine.


Winemaking traditions are reflected in the sculpture of Bacchus, which crowns the fountain in the town square. The remains of medieval fortifications, winding streets, houses along the banks of the Moselle – create a special atmosphere of unhurried and life, permeated with history.

From Easter until the end of October, you can ride around the area on a tourist train. In addition, Remish is ready to offer mini-golf, walking tours, tennis courts, bike paths, and an Olympic-sized heated pool for outdoor enthusiasts. Gambling enthusiasts will find two great casinos 10 km from Remisch (Casino 2000 and Schloss Berg Nennig casino).


During the summer season, every weekend on the banks of the Moselle River in the promenade area called the Esplanade, festive concerts, processions, picnics and barbecues are held.

Remish, Luxembourg

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