Overview of DAAD Scholarships Part 2

Overview of DAAD Scholarships Part 2

DAAD scholarships for students from artistic fields

In the fields of visual arts / design / film, performing arts (dance / drama / directing / musical) and music, the DAAD offers special scholarships for students who are particularly artistically qualified. The program is open to all regions of the world. Two different types of stays abroad are funded:

  • Study visits to a university abroad without a degree
  • Postgraduate studies abroad (e.g. master’s) with a degree

The funding period for study visits without a degree is usually one academic year, but funding of between seven and twelve months is also possible.

The funding period for a postgraduate course completed abroad is based on the standard period of study of the chosen course and can be between one academic year (two semesters or three trimesters) and 24 months. An extension of the funding beyond the first year of study will only be granted if the achievements made up to that point show that the course can be successfully completed within the standard study period.

These DAAD scholarships include a monthly scholarship installment to support livelihoods, the amount of which varies depending on the destination country. Accruing tuition fees are covered up to a country-specific maximum amount. There is also a travel allowance, depending on the host country, as well as allowances for health, liability and accident insurance.

Applicants for a study visit without a degree must study at least in the 3rd semester. Applicants for a postgraduate course abroad must already have a first degree before starting the scholarship, which should not be more than 5 years ago.

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More information (performing arts):
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Research grants for doctoral students

These DAAD scholarships are awarded to doctoral students from all disciplines who want to carry out one or more research projects abroad in connection with their doctorate. The stays abroad can be between one and twelve months, take place in different countries and be split in time.

The selection of the scholarship holders takes the following criteria into account:

  • previous study achievements and duration of study
  • Quality of the research project
  • any existing scientific publications
  • External knowledge and skills, for example through professional or voluntary activities
  • Presence of the necessary language skills

The research grants include a monthly livelihood support grant, the amount of which varies depending on the destination country. If applicable, tuition fees will be covered up to a country-specific maximum amount. A monthly flat rate for research and congress costs, a travel allowance and health, accident and liability insurance are also included in the scope of services.

More information:
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Other DAAD scholarship programs

The following two scholarship programs are also administered by the DAAD. However, the application is not made through the DAAD, but through the home university, which can apply for money from the respective scholarship pots every year.

PROMOS scholarships for semesters abroad, internships and language courses

The DAAD awards PROMOS scholarships for a semester abroad, an internship or a language course abroad. PROMOS stands for “Program to Increase the Mobility of German Students” and is primarily intended to enable students to stay abroad who cannot participate in a structured exchange program.

The funding period can be up to six months. Eligible study visits (1 to 6 months) and placements (6 weeks to 6 months), the doctoral are excluded therefrom. In EU countries, semester stays and internships are only funded in exceptional cases because they overlap with the ERASMUS program.

Also courses (3 weeks to 6 months) at foreign universities promotes PROMOS for undergraduate and graduate students.

As mentioned, the application for a PROMOS scholarship is made via the respective home university. The specific design of the granting of grants is also at the discretion of the German universities. Information about this should be requested from the home university.

Basically, the scholarships include a monthly amount to support you with living expenses, lump sums for tuition and course fees and a travel allowance. The amount of funding is based on the usual DAAD rates.

More information:
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ERASMUS + grants for study visits or internships in all subjects

The ERASMUS + program is an EU-wide cooperation program. It promotes the pan-European mobility of students and the cooperation between European universities. As the national agency in Germany, the DAAD is responsible for distributing the financial support to German universities.

The core of the ERASMUS + program is the financial support for study visits and internships in other European countries through ERASMUS + grants.

The funding period is three to twelve months. The scholarships provide a monthly mobility grant to support livelihoods. In addition, ERASMUS + scholarship holders generally do not have to pay any tuition fees abroad.

A prerequisite is an existing university cooperation between the home university and the target university abroad. In addition, the first year of study must be completed for a study visit. It is possible to complete internships during the first year of study.

More information:
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Contact the DAAD

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Overview of DAAD Scholarships 2

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