New York Travel Guide

New York Travel Guide

Start spreadin ‘the news you are going on a city break to New York! Your Vagabond shoes long to wander right through the heart of the city, while humming Frank Sinatra’s classic. Here’s the guide you need to plan your visit to The Big Apple.

New York

New York – the big city that never sleeps

The legendary city of New York is a favorite destination for us Norwegians. The city is often referred to as “the city that never sleeps” because there is always life in the streets here. With over 8.5 million inhabitants, and very many tourists, it may not be so strange.

New York offers crazy skyscrapers, exclusive shopping, boat trips, sights and not least good food from all corners of the world. The big apple can just as easily be visited in the winter as in the summer, but most tourists are probably in the warmer half of the year. Do as over 40 million others do every single year – spend your city break in New York!

Travel to New York

Norwegian flies directly from Oslo to New York almost every day of the week. Considering that the flight time is about 8 hours, the price of getting to New York is almost ridiculously low. If you book early with this company, a return trip can cost as little as 2,500 kroner. SAS also flies directly daily to The Big Apple, and also there it is possible to find tickets at an ok price.

With a stopover you have many options, with London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt among the most used stops along the way. If you have the time and money, it is a good idea to fly with Icelandair, with a stopover at Keflavik outside Reykjavik. Then you have the chance to see two of the best cities in the world, on one and the same journey.

Drinking water and health risks

The drinking water in New York is considered very clean and good, and you do not risk anything if you drink it straight from the tap.

Having adequate travel insurance is always important, but especially when traveling to the United States. If you are exposed to an accident and need medical assistance, the bill can quickly become completely insane. Please note that you may be charged for medical assistance, even if you have travel insurance to present. You will instead be forced to take care of receipts, and even get a settlement from the insurance company.

The climate on the east coast of the United States

The weather can change quickly in New York, partly due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean. Spring is usually mild and fine, with little rainfall. Summer can be very hot, with temperatures up well over 30 degrees. Fortunately, the city often gets a dull cold breeze from the sea on hot summer evenings. In the fall, it pays to bring good outerwear if you visit New York, and the same goes for the winter. In fact, it snows relatively often in the city during the winter months. Bring mittens and a hat if the city break goes in January!

Price level in New York

It’s generally difficult to make a city break in New York a cheap affair. The city is among the most expensive in the United States, and some things can cost more than you are used to from home, such as good hotels. Prices for food and drink are generally higher than most other cities in the US, but somewhat cheaper than in Norway.

Shopping in New York, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper than at home. Here you can save many thousands of dollars on electronics such as iPhone, laptop, and tablet. Fashion clothes and shoes are also significantly cheaper, even in the stores that carry Gucci and Prada.

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