National University of the Austral Chaco (Argentina)

National University of the Austral Chaco (Argentina)

National University of the Austral Chaco (UNCAus). Public university of Argentina with headquarters in the city of Sáenz Peña, province of Chaco.


The institution has enormous significance, from the educational to the socio-productive, which was born from the Faculty of Agroindustries of the UNNE, an academic unit that has established itself as a higher education center based on the excellence and quality of its careers and its constant work of insertion in the environment, characteristics that will be strengthened in the UNCAus. The Bill was presented by then Senator Jorge Capitanich. It was created on December 4, 2007 by means of Law 26,335, approved by the Congress of the Argentine Nation. The Senate had given half sanction on November 7 of that same year.

Institution data


This university institution, geographically located in the center of the province, with headquarters in the city of Sáenz Peña, province of Chaco. Commander Fernandez 755.


Agreements and Cooperation Instruments: Promote to Foreign Universities, in coordination with the Academic Departments of the University, the realization of inter-institutional agreements of cooperation and academic exchange as well as International Programs.

  • Management of External Financial Resources: Manage the obtaining of financial resources to support international cooperation activities, through National and International organizations, in coordination and support with the Academic Departments.
  • Advice on Scholarships Abroad: Provide advice and administrative support to students and teachers who wish to carry out studies or research stays abroad through the academic exchange modality with foreign HEIs with which they have agreements or, where appropriate, independently.. Similarly, facilitate the incorporation of students received through the activities of International Student Advisor.
  • International Dissemination: Inform the university community of calls related to educational opportunities abroad, as well as about the different exchange programs and international cooperation projects carried out at the University.
  • Mobility Counseling: Serve as a Support Department to the Department of Student Services, in the tasks of participation in the student selection process, collection and filling of documentation and visas, preparation and sending of students and teachers to foreign Universities.
  • International Host: Provide support services to students and visitors from foreign Universities, such as visa management and monitoring of admission, reception and orientation procedures for them at the University, as well as promoting their integration into the University Community.

Investigation project

“Cultural diversity in urban spaces of Northern Patagonia” of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the National University of Comahue. The central theme of study is cultural diversity from a construction with a more interrogative look at the possible and different ways of seeing. In this diversity, the Mapuce culture is one of the most invisible.

National University of the Austral Chaco (Argentina)

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