Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia Travel Guide

For divers and water lovers, Indonesia offers wonderfully sustainable islands, beaches, archipelagos and insider tips that are waiting to be explored by individual explorers. According to clothingexpress, Indonesia is one of the best destinations in southeast Asia.


Bali – also known as the island of the gods – is probably the most famous travel destination in Indonesia. The mix of impressive temples, world-class surf spots, great diving spots, beautiful rice terraces and the friendly people offer a wonderful introduction to Indonesia newbies. Nature lovers get their money’s worth on a trip to Bali. Be it on beautiful hikes through the green landscapes or underwater while diving between colored coral reefs. Due to the size of the island, you get a good insight even on short tours. Due to its flora and fauna, its beautiful beaches and the security within the country, Bali is also ideal for family vacations.


The Indonesian part of Borneo, also called Kalimantan, offers travelers an impressive flora and fauna. The best known are the orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park, but Borneo offers a lot more as a travel destination. The east of Borneo is a paradise for snorkelers, while the rainforest in central Kalimantan is ideal for exploring. A cultural highlight are the indigenous Dayak that you can visit on your Borneo tour. The tribes are very close to nature and still anchored in their traditions. Immerse yourself in their world and, with a bit of luck, even experience one of their death rituals. Some regions in Borneo are still very original and definitely offer travel destinations away from mass tourism.


Flores as a holiday destination offers you a good mix of culture and nature. High volcanoes and savannah-like landscapes as well as traditional villages make your trip varied. Flores is good for hiking and diving and is a little less touristy than Bali or Java. During your tour you will also have the opportunity to observe Komodo dragons and learn more about the culture inland.


Java is the most populated island in Indonesia. The capital Jakarta is also located here. The impressive volcanoes Bromo and Ijen as well as the famous temple complexes Borobodur – one of the oldest temples in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and Prambanan are popular with travelers. Java is a diverse travel destination and offers countless hiking opportunities and cultural highlights. In Yogyakarta, the cultural center, you will find fascinating temples and breathtaking volcanoes. Java is a very fertile island and the green rice fields create a great contrast to the volcanic plains. With a little luck, you might even see the endangered Java rhinoceros during your tour.


Komodo offers the national park with the famous Komodo dragons as well as great diving and snorkeling spots as a travel destination. Due to the limited activities, the combination with Flores or Bali is suitable for a trip.

In 2020 Komodo will be closed to allow the monitor lizards to relax. Therefore Komodo cannot be visited as part of a round trip in 2020.


Raja Ampat is like a paradise. A trip to Raja Ampat takes you away from skyscrapers, hectic cities and noisy traffic. Instead, you can enjoy your vacation on Raja Ampat in pure tranquility and surrounded by some of the best diving spots in the world. The locals are warm and the rainforest and the underwater world are so rich in species that you will be amazed when you are on a beach or diving holiday. During island hopping, discover numerous colored fish, spectacular rock islands and the hospitality of the locals.


Sulawesi is an incredibly diverse travel destination which is especially popular with individual travelers. The visit to Sulawesi takes you straight to the heart of the original, still untouched part of Indonesia. You can find everything on this island: volcanoes, tropical national parks, unique cultures and beautiful diving and snorkeling spots.

A cultural highlight on every round trip is certainly the highlands of Tana Toraja. The locals still live according to their original culture and religion. Famous among travelers are their boat-shaped houses as well as the old stone graves and their fascinating funeral rituals. There is the possibility to attend a death ceremony in Sulawesi. The traditionally dressed villagers will warmly invite you to watch the preparations for the pig festival. The pig is roasted on hot stones and eaten with sweet potatoes. You can experience the entire ritual and learn how the earth oven is elaborately prepared and heated. Attending this festival is such a special experience that it can hardly be put into words.

Nature lovers will find unique animal species such as the tarsier and dense rainforests on Sulawesi. Sulawesi can be divided into different travel regions: North, Central, East, South and West. Due to the size of the islands, the different regions are suitable for traveling at different times of the year. You should also take enough time to discover the regions when traveling, as local transport is rather slow.


West Papua is known among individual travelers for its dense rainforest, indigenous peoples and Mount Giluwe – Indonesia’s highest volcano. The island offers you an originality and unspoilt nature like almost no other in Indonesia. A highlight of your trip to West Papua is certainly a visit to the Baliem Valley, where you can immerse yourself in the world of the locals. West Papua promises adventure and natural spectacles as a travel destination. The rainforest is home to up to 600 different species of birds as well as wallabies, tree kangaroos and other interesting animals. On your round trip, learn the traditions and customs of the locals in the small villages and let yourself be enchanted by this remote region.


The Maldives are probably the diving paradise among travelers. Species-rich coral reefs and atolls populated by manta rays and whale sharks create incredibly good conditions. Paradisiacal conditions also prevail on the islands themselves. Fantastic white sandy beaches and excellent service – you can even enjoy this barefoot during your Maldives vacation. The Maldives is the perfect place to relax, but depending on the island, it also offers great activities for travelers. It is important to find the right island for the traveler. There are even backpacker islands for the small budget.

Indonesia Travel Guide

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