India Shopping, Embassy and Communication

India Shopping, Embassy and Communication



Local languages ​​are Hindi and English. Hindi is written in the Devanagri script and is spoken by approximately 41% of the population. There are also 21 regional languages ​​with equal status, including Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Sanskrit and Urdu in the north and Tamil and Telegu in the south.

Public Holidays

01/26/2022 day of the Republic

03/01/2022 Mahashivratri

03/18/2022 holi

04/14/2022 Mahavir Jayanti

04/15/2022 Good Friday

04/18/2022 easter monday

05/01/2022 Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

05/15/2022 Buddha Purnima (Buddha’s Birthday)

07/10/2022 Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)

07/30/2022 Muharram (Islamic New Year)

08/15/2022 Independence Day

08/19/2022 Krishna Janmashtami

02.10.2022 Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi

05.10.2022 Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami)

10/08/2022 Milad un Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Muhammad)

10/24/2022 Diwali (Festival of Lights)

11/08/2022 Guru Nanak Jayanti

12/25/2022 Christmas

12/26/2022 Christmas


(a) Almost all Indian religious festivals and holidays are calculated according to the lunar year, so their date varies from year to year. In addition to the above holidays, there are numerous other religious festivals that are considered public holidays in some states. A full list is available from the Tourist Office.

b) The dates given for Islamic holidays are calculated according to the lunar calendar and therefore shift from year to year.

During the fasting month of Ramadan, which precedes the festival of Id ul Fitr, Muslims are forbidden from eating, drinking or smoking from sunrise to sunset, which causes interruptions or deviations in the normal course of business (including reduced opening hours of shops and authorities) and therefore there may be restrictions for travelers.

Many restaurants outside the hotels are closed during the day, and the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is restricted or e.g. T. even strictly forbidden, even for non-Muslim vacationers. In hotel complexes it must be taken into account that meals and drinks during Ramadan may only be taken in the hotel restaurant or in the room.

Travelers should expect increased sensitivity in religious matters as well as in respect of Islamic traditions.

Some interruptions may also occur during Id ul Fitr. This festival, like the Idu’l Zuha, is indefinite and can last from 2-10 days depending on the region.

(c) Although Christmas (December 25/26) and New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) are not officially public holidays, they are observed as such nationwide.

Duty free shopping


The following items may be brought into India duty-free by foreign tourists (persons 18+): I. Upon arrival in India from any country except Nepal, Bhutan or Myanmar: Personal effects and gifts up to a value of Rs 15,000; different amounts for citizens of India, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan depending on country and length of stay. This includes the following items, among others: 100 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 125 g of tobacco; 2 liters of spirits or wine; gold and silver (not made into jewellery); a flat screen TV. II. Arriving in India from Nepal, Bhutan or Myanmar: Personal necessities and gifts up to a value of Rs 15,000. This does not include the following items: 100 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 125 g of tobacco; 2 liters of spirits or wine; gold and silver (not made into jewellery); a flat screen TV; Note: A Tourist is a non-resident in India staying in India for a maximum of 6 months in any 12 month period. Caution: High-value items such as video cameras must be declared upon entry. Offenses against the Narcotics Act are punished with draconian prison terms even for possession of small amounts (including hashish). Violations of customs regulations can result in arrest when leaving the country. A notice:

Prohibited Imports

Poultry, poultry products (including eggs, feathers and meat), pigs, pork products and unauthorized weapons, pornographic products, gold coins and bars and e-cigarettes. More information is available from

Contact addresses

Indo-German Consultancy Services (IGCS Frankfurt)

Visa issuance in the consular area Frankfurt/M.

Bettinastrasse 52
+49 (69) 742 22 00, emergency hotline: +49 163 59 31 226.

Mon-Fri 0900-1200 and 1400-1600 excluding Indian public holidays.

Embassy of the Republic of India

Consulate General in Geneva.

Kirchenfeldstrasse 28
+41 (31) 350 11 30, for emergencies + 41 767 76 36 88.

Mon-Fri 09.00-13.00 and 13.30-17.30, consular dept. Mon-Fri 9.30am-12.30pm.

Embassy of the Republic of India

Consular section: Opernring 1, staircase E, 4th floor, 1010 Vienna (without issuing a visa)

Kärntner Ring 2, 2nd floor
+43 (1) 505 86 66. Consular Section +43 (1) 585 07 930.

Mon-Fri 08.30-13.00 and 13.30-17.00 (public traffic), consular department: (Opernring 1): Mon-Fri 09.30-11.30 (application) and 16.00-17.00 (collecting documents), general telephone inquiries 10.00-13.00 and 2 p.m.-5.30 p.m., consular 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

Embassy of the Republic of India

Consulates General in Frankfurt/M., Hamburg and Munich; Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart.

Tiergartenstr. 17
+49 (30) 25 79 50.

Mon-Fri 09.00-13.00 and 13.30-17.30. Consular Section: Mon-Fri 9.30am-12.30pm.

Indo-German Consultancy Services (IGCS Hamburg)

Visa issuance in the Hamburg consular area

Spaldingstraße 74
+49 (40) 288 05 60, emergency hotline: +49 163 59 31 226.

Telephone service: Mon-Fri 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00 excluding Indian public holidays.

India Visa Application Center Switzerland

For French-speaking Switzerland: 70 Rue de Lausanne, 1202 Genève.

Weststrasse 2
0900 00 00 18 (chargeable hotline).

Application submission Mon-Fri 8.30am-2pm, passport collection Mon-Fri 4pm-5.30pm (except Indian public holidays), hotline available Mon-Fri 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.

Visa service for Austria

c/o BLS International Visa Services, Austria

Hegelgasse 17, Top 9
+43 (1) 943 72 72.

Mon-Fri application submission 09.00-13.30, visa collection 16.00-17.00.


Business etiquette

English is widely used as a business language. There are many English speaking interpreters and translation agencies. Indian businessmen are extremely hospitable to visitors. It is customary to exchange business cards; the business card should be presented to the Indian business partner with both hands. The best months for business trips are from October to March, accommodation should be booked in advance.

Opening hours

Business hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm and Sat 9.30am-1pm.

Business contacts



According to, the country code is 0091. Some public phones can still be found in central places such as train stations. However, some of them are no longer functional. Public phones are mostly used with cards sold at kiosks or electronics stores. International calls can be made from telephone cafes. Skype is also a good way to keep in touch with home.

Mobile phone

900/ 1800 GSM, 3G (900/ 2100) and 4G (GSM 1800/2100/2300/2500 Mhz). Mobile operators include Vodafone Idea and Airtel. With the exception of a few national parks, where reception is poor and patchy, the transmission/reception range for mobile communications covers almost the entire country. International roaming contracts exist. You can also purchase Indian prepaid cards. Tourists arriving on an electronic visa will receive a free SIM card.


Internet providers include Airtel and BSNL. Internet cafes are nationwide. WiFi hotposts are located in major metropolitan areas, at major international airports and at train stations. The WiFi reception is patchy in the rural areas and also poorer in quality compared to the big cities. WiFi is offered by many international chains such as hotels, restaurants and cafés, as well as increasingly by internet cafés. Hotels and other accommodations in the big cities usually offer free WiFi.

Post office

Mail to Europe takes about six to ten days. Stamps are also often sold in hotels.


German-language radio stations can be received over the Internet in India.

India Shopping

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