Greatest Religions in the World

Greatest Religions in the World

List of the 10 largest religions in the world.

List of the 10 Greatest Religions in the World

Among all world religions, Christianity is the largest religion in the world , surpassing Islam and Hinduism in this list of religions with the most followers. The more than 2.2 billion followers make Christianity the predominant religion in the world but not the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam is the one that has registered an increasing number of believers in recent years. The number of active followers of each religion is the indicator for the elaboration of this ranking of the largest existing religions. However, if it were considered agnostic or atheist people, that is, those who do not profess any God or divinity, it would mean that they would be the 3rd “religion” in the world. There are more than 1.1 billion people who do not follow any kind of religion. If among The world’s largest religions are distributed all over the world, the smallest within this list of the 10 largest religions in the World are linked mainly to large countries or countries with more population .

Top 10 of the World’s Greatest Religions

10th Judaism

With about 14 million followers, Judaism is one of the main religions in the world and is concentrated mainly in Israel, the United States and Canada.


9th Spiritism

The Spiritist religion is one of the largest religions in the world with more than 15 million people in the world, being one of the main and largest religions in Brazil.

8th Sikhism

It is one of the most popular religions in India, one of the biggest countries in the World. With 28 million followers, it is among the 8 largest religions in the world .

7th Shinto

Another one of the religions that is located, mainly, in Asia. In fact, it is in Japan that one of the largest religions in the world is concentrated, with more than 65 million followers.

6th Chinese Folk Religion

This religion has its 500 million followers concentrated in Asia, most of which are not even in China but in Taiwan.

5th Ethnic religion

With more than 600 million followers, ethnic religions are beliefs based on people’s culture, language and genetics. An example is the tribal religions of indigenous peoples.

4th Buddhism

One of the world’s main religions is Buddhism, with around 900 million followers, popular in Southeast Asia.

3rd Hinduism

With around 1 billion adherents of this religion, Hinduism is the main religion in India, with followers in Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

2nd Islam

Islam has around 1.6 billion devotees in Allah and its holy book, the Quran. It is the fastest growing religion in the world, in terms of followers.

1st Christianity

Christianity is the biggest religion in the world, with more than 2 billion devotees to this religion that is spread all over the world. Of the various strands of Christianity, Catholicism is the most popular.

List of the 10 Greatest Religions in the World

Position Religion Population
1 Christianity 2.2 billion
2 Islam 1.6 billion
3 Hinduism 1 billion
4 Buddhism 900 million
5 ethnic religion 600 million
6 Chinese Folk Religion 500 million
7 Shinto 65 million
8 Sikhism 28 million
9 spiritism 15 million
10 Judaism 14 million