Foreign Bafög for a Semester Abroad in Chile

Foreign Bafög for a Semester Abroad in Chile

When planning a semester abroad in Chile, financing plays a major role for many students. When preparing for a semester abroad, students calculate with their own savings, but above all with further financing options for studying abroad .

One of the most widely used financial aids for a semester abroad in Chile is the Auslands-BAföG . Although the cost of living in a Latin American country is comparatively high, a semester abroad in Chile with BAföG abroad is easy to finance.

When applying for BAföG abroad, it does not matter whether students have previously received domestic BAföG. Receiving foreign student loans helps students to cover tuition fees, travel expenses and higher living expenses in Chile. The total monthly requirement for a semester abroad in Chile is continuously recalculated.

At a glance: BAföG abroad for studying abroad in Chile

Students should also plan their semester abroad in Chile carefully, as they can only subsidize an education abroad through BAföG once during their entire studies. Funding through BAföG abroad for studying in Chile can be applied for for a maximum of one year .

In addition, the stay abroad must be completed over a continuous period of time. If you want to study in Chile for more than a semester or two, you should consider other funding options.

To obtain the right to BAföG in Chile, students must provide during the semester abroad or -year services, which at least in part on the study at the home university credited can be. Language courses can therefore only be financed through BAföG abroad if they are prescribed during the course of study.

General information on the financing option for foreign BAföG

Foreign BAföG can be applied for by all students who are enrolled for full-time study in Germany and who are completing an eligible training abroad. The amount of the foreign BAföG depends on your income and assets and, as with the domestic BAföG, is determined by the responsible office.

Even students who do not receive a domestic BAföG can be entitled to receive BAföG for studying abroad.

Differences between domestic and foreign BAföG

There are some differences between funding through domestic or foreign BAföG. The most important is the calculation of the final funding amount . This is determined on the basis of the basic requirement. The student’s total needs result after deducting all relevant income and assets and taking into account the tax exemption limits and the contributions to statutory health and long-term care insurance.

In addition to the total requirements, there are also other costs such as tuition fees in Chile or travel expenses. In contrast to receiving domestic BAföG, the assessment limit for receiving BAföG abroad for a semester abroad in Chile is higher.

This means that students who do not receive BAföG in Germany due to their or their parents’ income situation can also be eligible for BAföG abroad.

Contact person for BAföG abroad for studying abroad in Chile

All necessary documents for the BAföG abroad for a semester abroad in Chile are available from the Office for Education Funding in Bremen. From the applications to a checklist, all forms can be requested as a PdF or by post .

In order to finance a semester abroad in Chile with BAföG abroad, an application for funding should be submitted in good time. As a rule, a processing time of half a year to a year must be expected. Timely financial support can only be guaranteed if all documents are available in good time.

Contact details Studentenwerk Bremen
– Office for Education Funding –
Student House Level 0
Bibliothekstraße 3
28359 Bremen

Tel .: (0421) 22 01 – 1 33 33
Fax: (0421) 22 01 – 2 30 90

Email: [email protected]

Requirements for receiving BAföG abroad for a semester abroad in Chile

In order to receive BAföG abroad for a semester abroad in Chile, the following requirements must be met:

  • The university in Chile must be demonstrably equivalent to a German university.
  • The study abroad in Chile must be a minimum of one semester and a maximum of two semesters.
  • Enrollment as a regular student at a German university.
  • Proof of advanced studies (at least two semesters).
  • The standard period of study for the course was not exceeded.
  • Proof of the courses you want to take at the university in Chile and their creditability at your university in Germany.

An overview of the scope of BAföG abroad

Based on the individual domestic rate of the basic requirement (maximum rate currently 649 €), a total requirement for the semester abroad in Chile is calculated. The Auslands-BAföG partially reimburses the costs that students incur through health insurance, travel and tuition fees abroad. In addition, students receive a foreign allowance for Chile, a country located in South America according to ejinhua.

  • One of the biggest costs are the tuition fees at a university in Chile: The BAföG office subsidizes these costs with an amount of up to € 4,600.
  • For the outward and return journey to Chile, students receive a travel allowance of € 500 per trip.
  • The regular monthly costs for health and long-term care insurance are subsidized by BAföG abroad with up to € 109. We recommend that you take out health insurance for the duration of your stay abroad in Chile .
  • In addition, students receive an international allowance of € 32 per month for a semester abroad in Chile.

Since the financial contribution to the tuition fees is granted entirely as a grant, the students do not have to repay it. Half of the remaining benefits are available as a grant and the other half as an interest-free loan.

A Semester Abroad in Chile

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