Financing Options for Studying in Chile

Financing Options for Studying in Chile

To finance studying abroad in Chile , students don’t have to be rich. A semester abroad can usually be organized well with early planning. Depending on the program, the tuition fees at a university in Chile are on average US $ 3,500. An inexpensive alternative to many other popular countries such as the USA or Australia .

In addition, the cost of living for a semester in Chile is cheaper than in Germany. With financing options such as foreign BAföG for a semester in Chile or other financial subsidies, the expenses can be managed well. In addition, there are other full or partial scholarships that students can use for a semester stay.

Funding for a semester abroad in Chile

If you plan to study in Chile for one or two semesters, you have a range of financing options to choose from. German students can take advantage of various funding opportunities for a semester abroad in Chile, a country located in South America according to thefreegeography.

Foreign BAföG

For many, the first choice when financing a study abroad in Chile is the BAföG Abroad. Even students who are not entitled to BAföG in Germany can, thanks to the higher assessment limits, be entitled to receive BAföG abroad . This means that even students without BAföG entitlement in Germany have the opportunity to receive BAföG abroad.

With Auslands-BAföG, students receive funding for:

  • Tuition fees of up to EUR 4,600
  • Traveling expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Foreign surcharge
  • Child care allowance

The Bremen Student Union is the contact for all matters relating to studying abroad in Chile .


For a semester abroad in Chile there are other funding opportunities in Germany in addition to the BAföG abroad. Ideally, depending on the subject, students can acquire a scholarship place from a state or private foundation.


German students can also apply as part of the DAAD’s PROMOS program . Successful applicants receive a scholarship for up to six months to study abroad , which subsidizes tuition fees, travel expenses and living expenses with fixed funding rates.

To apply for a DAAD short-term scholarship, students should contact the international office of their home university.

Whether language courses , internships or a semester abroad in Chile: Short-term stays abroad can be funded as follows:

  • Partial scholarship rate: This is currently EUR 300 for the USA
  • Travel expense allowance: EUR 1,300
  • Stay flat rate: EUR 45
  • Upper limit for funding tuition fees: EUR 2,250

Merit scholarships

Students with a good to very good grade point average can apply for merit-based scholarships. Foundations support internships, research stays and semesters abroad. Institutions that offer scholarships include party-affiliated, religious-related or private foundations.

Financing options for a master’s degree in Chile

For all students who do not only want to spend a short stay abroad in Chile, there is the possibility of financing a master’s degree with suitable scholarships. As with a semester abroad, the respective subject area or research work is decisive for funding. The scholarships either only cover tuition fees or even travel and living expenses.


The International Office at your home university can provide you with information on the most important types of scholarship . It is also advisable to search for the right scholarship for a master’s degree in Chile yourself in databases .

Other scholarship providers and financing options

Other financing options also include student loans and education funds . Depending on your needs, these are available at different terms and conditions .

Students can get another financial injection for studying abroad from private banks. KfW student loans , for example, are tailored to students . In contrast to the education fund, the subject area of ​​the students is irrelevant for a student loan from a private bank.

Financing Options for Studying in Chile

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