Facts of Kyrgyzstan

Facts of Kyrgyzstan

Below you can get practical information when traveling to Kyrgyzstan. Visit thedressexplorer for Brief Information About Kyrgyzstan.

  • Language: Kyrgyz and Russian
  • Population: 6 million
  • Capital: Bishkek
  • Religion: Islam
  • Currency: As
  • Surface: 198,500 km2

Worth knowing

Flight and arrival in Kyrgyzstan

Flight ticket All travelers receive electronic flight tickets for outbound and inbound travel
. The time indications are always local.

Upon entry and exit, you must fill in a customs declaration which the customs then go through. Be careful when filling in the declaration and remember to state the amount included under the heading that deals with currency. You may be asked to show your cash, and if customs finds a discrepancy, problems may arise. In recent years, however, customs have eased their strict rules a bit and sometimes you do not have to pass it at all.

Arrival Upon arrival at Mana Airport in Bishkek, all travel participants gather. If the tour guide is not with the group, it is important that all participants make sure that the whole group is gathered before proceeding to the exit.

Time difference

The time difference between Sweden and Kyrgyzstan varies according to whether Sweden has summer or winter time:

Summer time + 4 hours
Winter time + 5 hours


The buses in Kyrgyzstan do not have quite the same standard as the one in Europe. We have of course chosen the best category of air conditioning where possible.

Price level

The price level in Kyrgyzstan for food and drink is lower than in Sweden. On a round trip with full board, you do not need to have any large amounts with you. Most people spend their pocket money on beer, wine or other alcohol in restaurants (mineral water and tea / coffee are usually included in the price) as well as on souvenirs, snacks and the like. We have experience that you can manage on 80-100 kronor per day. However, if you are planning to buy things at home, you should bring a larger amount of money. Add about SEK 200 per person for tips for local guides and drivers.


Kyrgyzstan still has no large influx of tourists and tips are not very common, except in restaurants in major cities such as Bishkek and Karakol. In addition, drivers and local guides that we use along the way appreciate a smaller amount (see our recommendation above). If you want to shop with or give a small gift to someone among the nomadic people, you can bring an extra flashlight, cosmetic samples (moisturizer often arouses great enthusiasm) or the like.


Kyrgyzstan has the same sockets and power sources as in Sweden, and you do not need to bring an adapter.

Telephone and internet

Kyrgyzstan’s international country code is +996. Mobile phones can be used in more and more places but there are still areas in Kyrgyzstan that are completely uncovered. It can be expensive with both incoming and outgoing phone calls, texting and using data traffic in Kyrgyzstan. Feel free to check coverage in prices in Kyrgyzstan with your mobile operator.

In larger cities such as Karakol and Bishkek, computers with internet connection can be used for a fee at internet cafés and in larger department stores.

Tips and hygiene

Hotels and larger restaurants have western toilet facilities. In public toilets and in the countryside, however, it can look different with pedal toilets and lack of toilet paper. Those who spend the night in a yurt by Lake Son-Kul have to make do with primitive toilet buckets. Just like the nomads themselves. Bring your own toilet paper or a package of wet wipes and possibly. hand disinfection. Then you can do without water if there is no such thing.

The water in Kyrgyzstan is fully drinkable, but in Bishkek it can taste like chlorine. Feel free to buy some water at the airport. In the province, the water comes directly from the mountains and tastes wonderful.


There is a smoking ban during flights, trains and bus transport. Smoking is allowed and widespread in restaurants and cafes as well as in all public places.

Facts of Kyrgyzstan

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