Everyday Student Life in New Zealand

Everyday Student Life in New Zealand

Anyone studying in New Zealand can look forward to a varied everyday study life. A theory-heavy and dry study is unthinkable in this open-air laboratory and outdoor paradise at the other end of the world. Students receive support in all areas of life in order to ensure successful studies with optimal teaching and learning conditions. This service is financed by tuition fees and New Zealand universities are well aware of this. Modern equipment and up-to-date teaching are a matter of course for them in order to make everyday study life in New Zealand first-class.

Many of the free advice and service offers make everyday study life in New Zealand easier. International students are in good hands here, because personal care and inclusion are part of the service in New Zealand in all areas. In many of the offers, the students are committed to their fellow students and help them, for example, through mentoring programs or as a student ambassador through everyday student life . Often universities also use social media or blogs on their website to directly engage students in the diverse student life in New Zealand.

Lectures in New Zealand

The courses in New Zealand occupy a large part of the academic life during the semester. As in Germany, the students put together their own timetable with courses from the course catalog . Most of the time, when you apply to study in New Zealand, you state your preferred courses. In addition to lectures (lectures) and tutorials, students take laboratory sessions or field trips to supplement the theory in a practical way.

In the New Zealand study system , the courses build on each other and the students collect credit points through several assignments over the course of the semester . The types of examinations range from smaller tests and essays to final presentations. Attendance is compulsory at many New Zealand universities and in connection with the student visa. Continuous performance is therefore a matter of course in all types of courses and is possible due to the excellent teaching atmosphere.

The atmosphere in the courses is shaped by the New Zealander’s way of life. The lecturers teach in small groups using modern methods and equipment . They can be contacted at any time with individual problems. Students and lecturers or university employees deal with each other openly in everyday student life and in the courses. The courses are also considered practical and encourage students to actively participate. An internship is common in many degree programs, and in special supervisory sessions , prospective graduates receive support and feedback from the lecturers, especially on their final theses.

Campus life in New Zealand

Before and after the courses, students spend their day-to-day studies in New Zealand on campus. In addition to the teaching and administration buildings, there are numerous opportunities to organize student life outside of lectures. Therefore, the campus at New Zealand universities is a central meeting point and campus life in New Zealand is diverse.

Depending on the university location, the various campus facilities are spread over several locations. With the help of the campus map, numerous signposts and shuttle buses, students can find their way around the clearly structured campus at any time. Typical facilities on campus include:

  • Teaching and research institutions
  • Library
  • Catering (often in food courts )
  • Dormitories
  • Sports facilities
  • Prayer rooms and chapels
  • Students’ Association
  • Service facilities (e.g. International Office , Student Learning Support or Health Center )

The International Office and the Students’ Association shape a large part of campus life in New Zealand with various events and parties. After Orientation Week , international students have an initial overview of the campus and can participate in one of the numerous student clubs in their free time. This includes cultural events as well as sporting events that New Zealand universities are happy to promote in the professional field. International students never get bored in the varied everyday study life in New Zealand.

Services offered by universities in New Zealand

The services offered by universities in New Zealand are firmly established campus facilities. They optimally complement the courses and leisure activities on campus. In everyday study life in New Zealand there are always situations in which international students need a contact person. The service-oriented universities in the island state do not leave you alone and offer personal support in all matters. This includes academic advice as well as help with individual problems that affect the course.

The two most important points of contact for international students are the International Office and the Students’ Association . At special events organized by the organizations, the newcomers to the university make their first contacts at the as yet unknown place of study. In addition to the student clubs, the main task of the Students’ Association is to represent the interests of the student body and to be active in the region. The International Office assists international students primarily with organizational issues. It also monitors compliance with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students .

With the general counseling services for students in New Zealand, the institutions primarily provide assistance for successful studies and a carefree environment . In addition to student learning support , this includes, for example, financial service and advice on starting a career after graduation.

Further service offers include the mental and physical health of the students and a barrier-free and safe learning environment. Through institutions such as Childcare , the universities also include the life of the students in their range of services after the lecture.

Accommodation for studying in New Zealand

The starting point for a relaxed start into everyday New Zealand study life is suitable accommodation for studying in New Zealand . At most universities on the North or South Island, students have the following accommodation options :

  • dormitory
  • apartment on campus
  • guest families
  • private apartments

The availability and costs of living space depend primarily on the university location . For university accommodation, it is advisable to register early, preferably when applying to study in New Zealand. The Residential Halls are due to its all-inclusive services especially for students or a semester abroad suitable. However, the shared apartments are cheaper and everyday study life is more independent. Host families enable direct contact with the Kiwis, who like to talk about the cultural characteristics of their country. In any case, the International Office or the Accommodation Office will help international students looking for suitable accommodation.

Catering while studying in New Zealand

For many students, sufficient and tasty food is one of the most important aspects of everyday student life in New Zealand. The Board while studying in New Zealand , international students need to worry. Both on and off campus there are numerous dining facilities that offer a wide range of dishes. On campus, the various bars and cafés are usually grouped together in food courts . Sometimes there are training restaurants in which students cook for their fellow students.

Residents of a Residential Hall received a full board dorm. Self-catering students either cook at home or bring prepared food with them to campus. Those who opt for a homestay usually meet their host family for dinner. The different types of accommodation therefore influence the cost of meals during a degree.

Everyday Student Life in New Zealand

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