Essex Junction, Vermont

Essex Junction, Vermont

According to, Essex Junction, Vermont is a small town located in Chittenden County, in the northwestern corner of the state. It is situated on the banks of the Winooski River, which flows through the town center. The town is bounded to the north by Colchester and to the south and east by Williston. It is located approximately 7 miles northwest of downtown Burlington, Vermont’s largest city.

The geography of Essex Junction encompasses a variety of landscapes including forests, wetlands, lakes and streams, rolling hills and valleys. The town has a total area of 12.3 square miles with 8 square miles being land and 4.3 square miles being water. Much of this water comes from Lake Champlain which lies just to the west of Essex Junction across from New York State.

The terrain in Essex Junction is generally flat with some rolling hills in certain areas around town such as near Colchester Avenue or Riverside Avenue. There are also several bodies of water within town limits including Mill Pond and several smaller ponds like Beaver Pond and Indian Pond which are connected to each other via various creeks and streams that run throughout the area.

Essex Junction’s climate is typical for a New England town with warm summers and cold winters that experience moderate snowfall throughout winter months each year. Temperatures can range from an average high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months to an average low temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months with occasional snowstorms dropping up to two feet or more at a time throughout certain periods during winter season each year.

Overall, Essex Junction offers residents a unique New England landscape with beautiful views all year round due to its diverse geography featuring forests, wetlands, lakes and streams as well as rolling hills and valleys which provide plenty of outdoor recreational activities for residents to enjoy all year long no matter what season it may be.

Essex Junction, Vermont

History of Essex Junction, Vermont

According to Allcitycodes, Essex Junction, Vermont is a small town located in Chittenden County. It was first settled in 1763 and was named after the English village of Essex. The town was originally an agricultural community, with many of its residents working on farms and harvesting timber for lumber. Over time, the population grew as more people moved to the area for work opportunities in manufacturing and technology. In 1892, the Central Vermont Railway opened a station in Essex Junction, connecting it to other parts of Vermont and New England. This allowed for more economic growth, as well as increased access to transportation services. By the mid-1900s, Essex Junction had become an important industrial center, with several factories producing items such as paper products and textiles. In recent years, Essex Junction has become known for its high-tech industry and is home to companies like IBM and GlobalFoundries. Today, it is a vibrant community with plenty of activities for visitors and residents alike including shopping centers, restaurants, parks, museums, galleries and more.

Economy of Essex Junction, Vermont

Essex Junction, Vermont is a small town located in Chittenden County. It has a thriving economy that is largely based on its high-tech industry, which has been growing since the mid-1900s. Companies such as IBM and GlobalFoundries have major presence in the town and provide employment opportunities for locals. The town also serves as a hub for other businesses, including research and development firms, manufacturing companies, software developers and more. In addition to high-tech industries, Essex Junction also offers plenty of opportunities in retail, hospitality and tourism. Its shopping centers offer local products and services while its restaurants serve up delicious local cuisine. Hotels provide accommodation to visitors while museums and galleries showcase the region’s rich history and culture. The town also hosts numerous events throughout the year such as festivals, concerts and markets which attract visitors from all over the area. Overall, Essex Junction has a diverse economic landscape that provides employment opportunities for locals as well as providing an attractive destination for tourists.

Politics in Essex Junction, Vermont

Essex Junction, Vermont is a small town located in Chittenden County. The town has a strong political climate that reflects its diverse population. The mayor of Essex Junction is elected every two years and is responsible for leading the town and setting the agenda for the local government. The mayor is supported by a Town Council which consists of seven members elected by residents. The Town Council is responsible for making decisions on local issues such as budgeting, taxation, public safety and more. The town also has a Representative Town Meeting which consists of elected representatives from each district or precinct in the area who vote on major issues such as zoning and land use regulations, development projects, and other matters related to the community.

In addition to local politics, Essex Junction residents also participate in state politics through their voting rights as citizens of Vermont. In recent years, Essex Junction has been represented in the Vermont Senate by Senator Bernie Sanders who served from 2007 to 2017. In addition to Sanders’ representation at the state level, Essex Junction residents are represented by Congressman Peter Welch at the federal level who was first elected in 2006.

Overall, Essex Junction’s political landscape reflects its diverse population and provides an opportunity for local citizens to have their voices heard at all levels of government. Through their active participation in local and state politics, residents can help shape their community’s future while ensuring that their values and beliefs are represented by their representatives both locally and nationally.

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