Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University is also known as BYU according to Private educational institution of American teaching, sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and located in Provo, Utah.


The institution (acronym of its name in English, Brigham Young University, for which he is known) offers courses in 73 departments spread over ten faculties, two areas of education prior general degree two schools professionals and studies graduate. Many academic and professional programs are also extended for traineeships and work during the summer related to the career in question.

The University offers bachelor’s degrees in 130 disciplines, postgraduate courses in 115 areas and doctorates in 56. It also offers various studies in languages : every year courses in 22 languages ​​are regularly taught, with another 32 languages ​​and dialects offered as optional teaching.

In 1993 he made a complex of homes that serve as a complement to its foreign languages program and today the campus has TV by Cable in Spanish and French 24 hours of the day. There are also computer- assisted language programs in six languages.

All students agree to abide by the school’s honor code, based on Christian guidelines established by the Mormon Church. They must be honest in all aspects of their behavior, respect both personal and property rights, comply with the law, do not use drugs, obey the rules that govern the University, observe the word of wisdom of the Church (which excludes drug use). of alcohol, snuff, tea and coffee), abstain from having sex outside the marriage, cultivate a high level of taste and decency, observe the guidelines established in the center regarding clothing and personal appearance, and assist others in fulfilling the responsibilities determined by this honor code.

Brigham Young University


The University was founded in 1875 as the Brigham Young Academy in honor of the American religious leader Brigham Young, who mandated that secular teaching at the University should be integrated with the teachings of the Mormon holy books and the Bible.

In 1862 a man named Warren Dusenberry started a makeshift school in a prominent adobe building called Cluff Hall, which was located on the northeast corner of 200 East, 200 North in Provo. The 16 of October of 1875, Brigham Young, at that time president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints personally bought the building after Lewis hinting that a school would be built in Draper, Utah in 1867.

Therefore, the 16 of October of 1875 is known as the founding date of the institution, the school was separated from the University of Deseret and named “Brigham Young Academy” with classes that began on 3 of January of 1876. Warren Dusenberry served as the interim principal of the school for several months until April 1876, when Brigham Young was chosen for the official principal — a German immigrant named Karl G. Maeser.

However, the school did not become a university, until the end of Benjamin Cluff’s post as president. At that time, the school was still privately supported by community members and was not officially sponsored by the Church (LDS) until July 18, 1896. Despite opposing views, the institution soon became known as Brigham Young University.

In 1903, Brigham Young Academy was dissolved and replaced by two institutions: Brigham Young High School (preparatory), and Brigham Young University (BYU). George H. Bringhal was elected as the new President of BYU. Under his direction, in 1904 BYU purchased 17 acres (0.03 mi²) of land called “Temple Hill”. The construction of the first building on the current campus, Karl G. Maeser the edicicio began in 1909. Brimhall also presided over the university during a brief crisis over the theory of evolution, which Joseph F. Smith, President of the Church, asked not to be taught in school for a period of time.

Catholic University of America

Catholic University of America. Institution of Catholic Teaching (CUA by its initials in English language : Catholic University of America) is a private, Catholic university.


The institution was founded in 1887, under the pontificate of Leo XIII, as a postgraduate academic institution. In 1904 it also began offering undergraduate studies. It was born as a consequence of the growth of the Roman Catholic population in the United States, and the conviction of the Catholic Church that one of its obligations was to promote the academic training of that population. To complement the university offer that different orders and religious congregations already offered in their own institutions, the Bishops of the United States considered that it was necessary to create a national pontifical university, which would have the highest academic level and promote faith in the context of freedom. religious, spiritual pluralism and intellectual rigor.

In 1882 the Bishop John Lancaster Spalding came to Rome (Italy) to request the support of the Pope Leo XIII. He also persuaded his parishioner, Mary Gwendoline Caldwell, to contribute the $ 300,000 needed for his foundation. The university finally opened its classes in the fall of 1887, teaching Philosophy, Literature, Theology, and Holy Scripture.

Undergraduate degrees began to be taught in 1904, and his reputation grew dramatically. In 1912, a survey by the Federal Bureau of Education and ranked among the institutions of the nation that better prepared their students for studies graduate. At present, its more than 6,000 students come from the 50 states of the country and 86 nations of the rest of the world.


The institution is located in Washington DC a city very international and distinct. Capitol Hill, the Smithsonian Institution, the Library of Congress, Embassy Row, the National Zoo and the John F. Kennedy Center are located minutes from the university by subway and have good connections to the airport. The university is located very close to trees and is committed to green practices. 12% of the energy needed by the university is produced by wind energy, giving it the character of a national leader among universities. The motto of the university is “Deus Lux Mea Est” – “God is my light”.

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