Amboy, Washington Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Amboy, Washington Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Amboy, Washington is a small town located in Clark County and is bordered by several cities and towns. To the northeast lies Yacolt, Washington, a small rural town known for its outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing and hiking. The city of Battle Ground is located just seven miles east of Amboy and is home to numerous parks, trails and historic sites.

To the east lies the city of Camas, Washington which was founded in 1883 as an industrial center. Today the city offers many amenities including high-end shopping at downtown Camas, numerous parks and trails along with the Camas Wildlife Refuge.

Just south of Amboy lies the city of Vancouver, Washington which is home to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site which includes a variety of historical buildings from the 19th century as well as a reconstructed fur trading post. The city also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as cycling along Columbia River Waterfront Park or exploring Esther Short Park which includes a playground and picnic areas.

Finally, to the west lies Ridgefield, Washington which was founded in 1845 by settlers who were attracted to its fertile land for farming. Today this small town offers plenty of recreational activities such as fishing at nearby lakes or hiking in Wintler Community Park. The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge also provides visitors with plenty of opportunities for bird watching and wildlife viewing.

In conclusion, Amboy is surrounded by several cities and towns offering visitors plenty of recreational activities including fishing, hiking, bird watching and historic sites!

Amboy, Washington

Population of Amboy, Washington

Amboy, Washington is a small town located in Clark County with a population of approximately 1,000 people. The town has a diverse population with people from different backgrounds and cultures living together peacefully.

The majority of the population is made up of White Americans at around 83%, followed by Hispanic or Latino Americans at 11%. Other ethnic groups making up the population include African American (3%), Asian (1%), and Native American (1%).

The median age of the population in Amboy is 40.9 years old, with the majority of the population being between 25-44 years old at 34.5%. This is followed by those between 45-64 years old at 24.7% and those under 18 years old at 20.2%. The remaining 20.6% are 65 years or older.

The median household income in Amboy, Washington is $48,750 which is lower than the national average of $60,293 for households in the United States. The poverty rate in Amboy stands at 10%, which is lower than the national average of 13%.

In conclusion, Amboy has a diverse population with people from different backgrounds and cultures living together peacefully, and an overall median household income that is lower than the national average for households in the United States.

Schools and Education in Amboy, Washington

Amboy, Washington is home to one public school, Amboy Elementary School. It is a K-6 school located in the heart of Amboy and serves over 300 students from the community. The school offers a rigorous curriculum that focuses on math, science, reading, writing, and social studies. Check searchforpublicschools for Washington public schools by county.

In addition to its core curriculum, Amboy Elementary School also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, music programs, and academic clubs. The school also has an active parent-teacher organization that works to support the staff and students with various activities throughout the year.

The elementary school is part of the Evergreen School District which includes three high schools: Heritage High School, Skyview High School and Union High School. These schools offer a comprehensive education with advanced placement classes in math and science as well as other electives such as art and music.

For those looking for higher education opportunities there are several colleges nearby including Clark College in Vancouver, Washington State University Vancouver campus in Vancouver and Portland Community College in Portland. These institutions offer degree programs ranging from associate’s degrees to doctorates for those looking for further education opportunities.

In conclusion, Amboy offers its residents excellent educational options from elementary school through college level courses with opportunities for students of all ages to pursue their educational goals.

Places of Interest in Amboy, Washington

Amboy, Washington is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. It is home to a number of attractions and activities for visitors and locals alike.

The Amboy Historical Museum is one of the town’s most popular attractions. The museum showcases artifacts from the area’s past, including Native American artifacts and early settlers’ tools. Visitors can also take part in educational tours to learn more about the history of Amboy and its people.

For those looking for outdoor activities, Amboy has several parks and trails where visitors can explore nature and enjoy some fresh air. The Amboy Trailhead Park is a great spot for picnicking, hiking, bird watching, fishing and other recreational activities. There are also several other trails in the area that offer stunning views of nearby mountains and rivers.

If you are looking for something more adventurous, you can head out to the nearby Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area where you can go camping or take part in various water sports such as kayaking or white water rafting. There are also a number of historic sites located here such as Beacon Rock State Park which features an impressive basalt column formation that dates back hundreds of years ago.

Finally, if you are looking for something to do indoors then you can visit one of Amboy’s local art galleries or museums such as the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center which offers interactive exhibits about the history of this region as well as hands-on education programs for children.

In conclusion, Amboy offers its visitors a variety of places to explore whether it be natural beauty or cultural attractions. With so many things to do here it is no wonder why this small town has become so popular with tourists over recent years!

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