Tips on Sexy and Elegant Dress

Check out Tips and Sexy Dress Elegant Models and Learn From the Famous Dresses!

Every woman likes to feel powerful, especially when going out, whether for a ballad, graduation or wedding. The dresses with slit, generous necklines and sparkles are great choices, but sexy dresses such as these, should be used.Today’s post brings tips and models sexy elegant dress for you. Check out!

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Famous Nails-Photos

Celebrity Nail Photos and Models

The Nails Decorated with Famosas are different, but also not for that, the manicures are the best that exist, soon their work as well, but the women live wanting to know the decorated nails of these famous women to be able to pick up some new model to do also , and this is what we are bringing in today’s post, we will check more models and news.

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Street Style: Jewelry And Accessories From NYFW

The NYFW (New York fashion week) began on last Thursday (09.01) and marks the launch of the collections fall-winter 2017/18 of the northern hemisphere. The event opens a marathon of fashion weeks around the world and shows a little of what’s coming through big names that are reference to those who work directly or indirectly with fashion.

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How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Working Out?

We work out? But you know how to choose the ideal lingerie for exercise?

Some women prefer the more larguinhas, that don’t shake, as, for example, without elastic panties and bras that are rimless more squishy. Other, I prefer more support and firmness, to leave everything in place in time to lift weights. For this, we have tips on how to choose lingerie for working out without fear!

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Makeup with Glitter – Models

Makeup Models with Glitter

Makeup with Glitter is up in fashion, and now with the winter getting there even though these models will be used. But if we fix the glitter well, it’s in everything we buy, in shoes, accessories, clothes and everything, and that’s why in makeup it could not be different either. so be sure to check out the Makeup Tips with Glitter because we are sure you will find very interesting patterns for you to use on several occasions as well.

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Nike Shox Shoes Cool Shoes

You need to know the quality that the Nike Shox shoe brings to you woman, because like all the items offered by Nike, this is another item that guarantees high performance, strength and durability. In addition, it still brings much comfort and convenience.

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How to Wear Men’s Plaid Shirt

The men’s plaid shirt is something that dominates the men’s fashion market, since it can be used in both social events and in more relaxed places, due to its combination and elegance.

The continued use of this type of shirt has become even more frequent because it is a type of clothing that adapts to any environment and situation. That is why, with each new day, more and more people are betting on this fashion.

Focused on this subject, we decided to elaborate this article to show you how to wear the men’s plaid shirt and on what occasions it can be used. So, keep going until the end and check it out!

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New Mix Home:Meet the Collection Elis!




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Archos Smartwatches Ab 50 Dollar Im Hands-On

Archos had already announced before CES to present its own Smartwatches to the fair in Las Vegas, and now colleagues have been able to demonstrate these devices in videos. The smart watches from the French manufacturer will be available from 50 dollars, making the equipment even more interesting for the mass market.
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Top 10 Plus Size Models

We traveled a long way in the sense of different body types, and these gorgeous women are the standard. While some still categorize them under the term “plus-size”, these women claim their ‘normal’ size And if we called them model simply?

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Sleeping Bag Tips for Condensation

Happy campers wake up warm and dry in the morning. But these pleasant conditions are difficult to find when your sleeping bag is coated in condensation. She can surprise even experienced campers that condensation is likely to come from their own bodies and is wicking through the bag during the night. Follow these strategies to reduce or eliminate condensation in your sleeping bag.

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All about the Overalls

Today I’m going to do a super post on Jumpsuits! Yes, there are many and many models and too subject to talk about.

When I mounted the trousseau of Bruna, thought there was only one kind of overalls, that traditional with buttons on the neck to toe. And it was basically this template that brought lots of home when I went to New York.

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Aspesi Field Jacket

In recent years, there has been a lot of function and high-tech fabrics. One of the most influential actors behind the style is Italian Aspesi. In today’s article was Manolo literally pried into their classic Field Jacket at the seams.

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Menswear: 5 Male Trends That Continue to 2017

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? :) VACATION’S OVER! First post of the year here on the Blog, for now, happy new year to you, huh? haha and to start with both feet in the door, separated 5 Male Trends that continue to 2017. Bora pro post now know what remains to this year? What can go on betting? What is featured for men’s clothes?

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Ovulation Test – What Fertile Days to Get Pregnant

What are the fertile days for you that wants to get pregnant and ovulation test tips

Future suitors to the mother, this article is for you. Today we will talk about the various methods of ovulation test so that you, who want to have a baby, know how to create a fertile timetable and know when you are more likely to get pregnant, planning your pregnancy better with your doctor, always accompanying you that way for everything to work out. Today we will raise some questions about the ovulation test and teach it to do so by buying at any pharmacy. Questions like knowing what fertile days to get pregnant, you have, and which of the tests is the most reliable, will be answered in that article.

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The 4 Different Models of Underwear

The underwear has the function of protecting the most valuable asset of a man. And yet, many guys are undisciplined in choosing the your. Everyone deserves a pair of underwear that is comfortable and stylish. So we made this guide explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each model:

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